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Vision Statement


The QUEEN OF SHEBA believes that a core curriculum for black history grades k-12 must not be restricted to West African, slavery and civil rights alone and that it is imperative and essential for black history to also include ancient Nile Valley History from source to sea beginning with the great black civilization of KUSH (the original name of ancient Ethiopia spelled “Cush” in Gen. 2:13), at the 4th and 5th cataracts along the S Curve of the Nile, for here is where our ancient history began.


Queen of Sheba further believes that while Movies such as “12 Years a Slave” are praised and popularized for depicting African-American history beginning with the brutal legacy of slavery, the constant telling, re-telling and selling of this said history handicaps the intellectual, mental and social development of Black youth today and stirs resentment and self-hatred.

The Queen of Sheba Historical Research Foundation, Inc.

Archeology 101k-12

The Queen of Sheba Historical Research and  Education Foundation, Inc., is looking forward to introducing our Black History curriculum to the Chicago Public School Sysem in 2017, which will provide teachers, students and their parents with an opportunity to learn about ancient east African Black History which has never been taught to our youth on any level at any time in the history of public education.

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African-centered Research & Education

Queen of Sheba strongly believes that teaching black youth about their ancient history and Royal Acnestors--that existed thousands of years before slavery will inspire a more positive cultural identity than a history restricted to slavery alone.


Such teachings must include the study of ancient geography, hydrolics and human genetics, i.e. the Out of Africa mt-DNA Model which reveals that "Modern Man" first appeared in ancient KUSH (Ethiopia) Ethiopia...and their mtDNA does not include that of primates.  




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